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When All Is Said And Done – A New Album!

March 28, 2008

Neil’s Blog Entry

When All Is Said And Done was an experiment. Actually, more of a challenge: to see if I could make an album in only one day.

I had just completed a piece of music originally intended for a project at work. When it became clear that the piece did not entirely fit the project, I was left pondering what to do with this little ambient-industrial track just looking for a place in life.

I am currently working on a new album of songs with my wife Laura and my friend Dave, but this track didn’t seem to fit there either. [For those of you who faithfully read our blog and thought this was the release of that album, I apologize for the confusion. Worry not! Work goes on with that album and we are all very excited about it. If it helps, think of this as the cartoon just before the movie. I just dated myself, didn’t I?]

So then I had this idea, “I wonder if I could make an album in one day.” It hit me right out of the blue.

Well, maybe not quite “out of the blue.” My lovely and creative wife had recently completed 30 days of photography and crafting on the website where one is challenged to create something each and every day for a month. My challenge to myself to make an album in one day was obviously inspired by her.

To me, this was somewhat of a daunting exercise to attempt. I am very much into conceptualization, and not so much into follow through. But I was interested enough in the idea to give it a try. In order to give myself even half a chance to make it work, I set up some parameters and boundaries. I decided that the aforementioned track would serve as the thematic base for the album. Also, I decided only to use a handful of royalty-free loops and/or loops licensed by Creative Commons. All in all, I used a little less than 140 loops, mostly from Peace Love Productions and Intelligent Machinery.

I also decided that when using a loop, I had to alter it in some way. How about some effects? Yup. Chop it up into pieces? Absolutely. Or better yet, destroy it altogether. That last one I did A LOT.

And so, holding firmly to my rules of engagement, I set out upon making the album. What happened next was simply an unexpected burst of musical experimentation and creativity. And when all was said and done, [Get it?] I had an eight-track ambient-industrial album that I think sounds pretty cool… I am, of course, biased. What you will think of it is up to you, but I’m hoping you will enjoy it.

The album can be found at my website at and is available for purchase at

Thanks for listening.
Neil Smith

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