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The Holey Trinity

March 26, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

No torturing Kevin today with more bread. I’ve got some new knitting going. I am finishing up the Crazy Socks, but don’t want to bother with a photo until they are done. I am not enjoying the ribbing at the top – it has become fussy to work with the two circular needles for some reason. So going is slow. About half an inch and they will be history. They are a bit big – hopefully I will get the formula just perfect on my next pair.

I have started a new project for myself. I am making the “Flirty Sweater” from Sasha Kagan’s book Ready, Set, Knit.

It is made out of mercerized cotton yarn. The yarn is very thin and not that easy to work with, but I am a cotton sweater kind of girl, so I soldier on. The sweater is a plain cardigan, (doing mine in black, of course) but it has a bumpy texture to the fabric – using the trinity stitch.

I have a few choice words for the trinity stitch. I had a very hard time mastering it. I started over probably 15 times on my first swatch, but as you can see, trinity stitch has been beaten into submission:

(For non-knitters, before starting a project you do a sample swatch of the pattern to check that you knit the right size. Otherwise the sweater won’t turn out the proper dimensions.) I say it was my first swatch because it was too large using the specified needle size, so I am re-swatching with smaller needles. Which make this pattern even harder to work But I am a determined sort, so on I go.

I love how it looks. It is kind of a lacy. It’ll be a good summer sweater.

I plan to crochet a little loop at the top and add a pretty button instead of the ribbon-tie that is suggested. I can’t imagine myself with a big bow on my chest. It’s a downhill slope from that to sailor collars, so I am giving the ribbon thing a wide berth.

Finally, yesterday I finished swatching for another pair of the baby booties. I found a cashmere yarn that I can get locally, so I wanted to make sure the size would be OK.

Opps, that wasn’t finally. Here’s finally. I finished the last of the coasters! Yippee! I have a few ends to weave in and then I will be felting. Wanted to felt this week, but it will most likely be next week for that.

Need to make sure I leave time this week to buy toilet paper and finalize the script for the next episode. My life is so hard…

We are recording on Friday night. I’m very excited! Our friend Erin may even sit in with us again. We are so sick of just talking to each other – blah, blah, blah – whatever! She’ll perk things up! Plus we have food themes and super cool music. Hope you are up for it!

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