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Thing-A-Day 2

February 9, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

Soldiering on with a Thing-A-Day. Tony told me the whole thing was a Zen concept. I am kinda feeling that now on day 8. Here’s a summary of the last few entries:

Day 5


Finally got around to making the bagels that Venus and Nicole have been talking about. And it was well worth it! They taste like ones from the bagel shop. These are topped with sesame and poppy seeds. Tip: also sprinkle on kosher salt with the topping. It tastes amazing. I think I’ll get some onion flakes; that sounds good, too. Mari has requested that I do Rosemary and Olive Oil flavor next. Yes, I think that I will! Then I want to do Cinnamon Raisin. I think I will use those cinnamon chips that you can get in the chocolate chip aisle.

Yum! I am making more as soon as I get more bread flour.

Day 6


This is a detail of my ring from Depeche Mode’s Exciter Tour in 2001. Neil and I both got one, but I have since stolen his and I wear it as a thumb ring. You snooze, you lose, Bud. Exciter was such a fun show. I’m really glad I have something concrete to remember it by.

Day 7

Spinach and Pear Salad with Pine Nuts

I made up a salad with ingredients on hand. Recipe below.

Fresh spinach leaves
Fresh ripe pear
Pine nuts (or substitute your favorite nut – almonds, walnuts and pecans would also be good)
Shredded mozzarella cheese (or substitute cheese you have on hand. Parmesan is quite good with pears.)
Italian Dressing

Toast nuts in the oven at 350 degrees for 2-4 minutes until they just start to brown. Watch carefully – they burn easily. Let cool.

Assemble spinach on individual serving plates.

Slice pear into thin slices and layer over spinach.

Sprinkle on cheese.

Add your dressing and then top with nuts. Adding the nuts last keeps them from all falling to the bottom.

Day 8

Sugar and Creamer Set

This is a little creamer set that was an engagement present from a family friend in 1990. She bought it when she was young and on a trip to England. She passed it on to me because I love all things tea-related.

These little china pieces are a symbol of a phase we are in as a family. It is a bit of a purging cycle. I am working to reevaluate the necessity of most of our possessions. I had totally forgotten I had this until I was rearranging a cabinet. The criteria I am using for most things is that if I have forgotten that I even had them, they need to go. But this set is special.

If it stays then I need to use it. What’s the point of having things stored away? Things should be enjoyed. Otherwise those things own us, we don’t own them.

In closing, I have been quite inspired by what I’ve seen and read on the Thing-a-Day site. If you are a Hello Kitty freak like I am you will appreciate this post by rakka. Brilliant!

PS – Neil and I are going to see Ingrid Michaelson tonight! I have painted my fingernails, so it is obviously a seriously exciting night.

I need to go pick an outfit to go with my accessories – my Tasty Jewelry cocktail ring and my gothy boots! Shut up. And no I don’t get out much.

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