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Because We Love You, Alan Wilder

February 7, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

The upcoming Recoil announcement that I mentioned in the February podcast has been unleashed. On February 25 there will be a special enhanced CD realease from Recoil. Below is the offical press release. Read on, oh Recoil nutters!

RECOIL ‘Prey’/’Allelujah’ – Enhanced CD release

Alan Wilder has announced, due to popular demand, a limited edition CD release of ‘Prey’/’Allelujah’ on 25th February 2008.

The enhanced CD package includes ‘Prey’ mixes, the reduction mix of ‘Allelujah’ plus a never-before-seen film for ‘Allelujah’, directed by Dmitry Semenov. It will also be accompanied by an exclusive downloadable booklet featuring video stills, ‘subHuman’ art and commentary from Alan Wilder, Hepzibah Sessa and Dmitry Semenov.

The CD is being issued, with the support of Mute, through Russian label Gala Records in conjunction with and will be exclusively available on-line only via their website. We highly recommend that you get your orders in quickly because only a limited number of these CDs are being produced. (Note: they will be available internationally)

There will also be a competition, available to enter when ordering the disc. Prizes will include 5 exclusive signed printed copies of the booklet, vinyl copies of ‘SubHuman’, signed press shots and some other items.

Taken from 2007’s ‘subHuman’ album, ‘Prey’ features the evocative vocal style and guitar talents of bluesman Joe Richardson, while ‘Allelujah’ introduces Carla Trevaskis, whose unusual atmospheric voice simultaneously contrasts and compliments Richardson.



1 / Prey / Radio edit
2 / Prey / Album version
3 / Allelujah / Reduction
Film / Allelujah

Following on from a highly successful promotional trip to Moscow in December 2007, this release marks a unique collaboration between artist, fan website and record company. It has come about as a direct result of fan pressure – their demands having been acknowledged and responded to by the record industry. We believe it represents an innovative approach towards CD marketing and distribution in the future, given the current complexities of record buying trends and an industry which, frankly, is in crisis.

Recoil would like to thank Gala Records for their forward thinking, Konstantin Zavodnik for his initiative and Olga Golovan & Oleg Gorbachev for their work on the booklet.

A mention must also go to the team who added weight to the entire cause with their ‘We Pray for ‘Prey’’ campaign launched last June, specifically asking for the CD release. Since then, over 400 signatures have been collected with more than 30 participating websites.

For further information:

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