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Welcome to Gothy-Music-Land (Part 5): Baby Bottles and Patience

February 6, 2008

Neil’s Blog Entry

This evening, Laura and I sat down together to test out microphones to use when we eventually make the move from demo vocals to finals. We recorded a bit of vocal for the aforementioned “Song 7” with several different mics. I then mixed it into the music track with just a tiny little bit of reverb and we listened for differences. While I must say that Laura’s vocals would sound great no matter what use, the mic that caught our attention for it’s sound and presence was the Blue Baby Bottle mic (Yes, that’s really it’s name!). So, as long as my friend Dave – who is the mic’s owner – will let us use it when the time comes, that’ll be the one with which we will be doing our final vocal tracks.

On a related note, Laura has written some crazy good lyrics for what we call “Song 4.”

The words are simply beautiful and elegant, and – just as important – have quite a catchy chorus to them. I can’t wait to hear them sung. Hopefully, that will be done soon? Maybe?

I’m anxious to hear what Dave (Yup, same Dave as above) is doing with the rest of the songs. We loved so much what he did for “Song 7” and can’t wait to hear the rest. I think he’s embracing his inner Goth when playing so I have no doubt the other tracks will be equally cool.

I’ve finished writing the melodies for the remaining songs, so I will hand those off to Laura for lyrics. Perhaps we’ll post some of those when we get further into the process.

Speaking of the process… One of things I’m trying to better deal with is the pace at which this project is going. I said in my first post about this new record that I wasn’t going to rush it like I felt like I’ve done in all my other music projects. That being said, it’s very difficult for me to be working on the record in little spurts like this. But I honestly believe that what will come out will be so much better because of the way we are working. So I guess I just need to keep trying to be patient with the process – in spite of myself.

Still with no pithy catchphrase,

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  1. February 7, 2008 2:52 am

    You guys are getting me excited to hear this!

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