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SOP 014 – You Said Dickens

February 1, 2008

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Show Notes
It’s BSG and Depeche Mode News for you, Valentine! Join us as we cram some delicious female vocalists into a show with New Zealand, Leap Year, Charles Dickens, and Kurt Cobain. Hope they won’t all be too crowded here in our cozy little February episode!

The Charles Dickens artwork for this podcast was provided by DeviantART:

Music Guide

“Down and Dirty”
Artist: Neil Smith
Album: Lush One (Available for free download)

“Song of Sixpence”
Artist: 4 and 20 Blackbirds
Album: 4 and 20 Blackbirds, Act I: A Bird Began to Sing

Artist: Mari Smith

Artist: Ellery
Album: Lying Awake

“Pornographer’s Dream”
Artist: Suzanne Vega
Album: Beauty and Crime

Misc. Goodies and Links

4 and 20 Blackbirds Etsy store for crochet hats:

Suzanne Vega’s book: The Passionate Eye

The obligatory Depeche Mode Link

2 Comments leave one →
  1. February 2, 2008 12:28 pm

    Your Depeche Mode jingle was sublime! And Laura, your voice is fabulous darling, can’t wait to hear the new tracks. Great show as usual and Mari’s tune was really sweet. Lovely track to finish the show, Suzanne Vega is great.

  2. February 2, 2008 12:35 pm

    Yea! If Andrew is happy, everybody is happy! Glad you enjoyed it!

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