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Long Time No Blog

January 22, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

Warning: The following blog post is sad and pitiful… and contains nary a Depeche Mode mention. (And a stolen title from Venus!)

Been hit here with another virus from the depths of hell. I’ve not felt like knitting or blogging; I must be sick! I hope to rally by the end of the week to get our February podcast episode recorded. I am left with very little voice right now, so it might be interesting.

I am so bummed not to be working on music. And I very much appreciate all the lovely supportive comments left on the last entry about Gothy Musicland.

I even wish I could get back to work on my year-end financial stuff. I am bored silly. The good news is I’ve completed the mocking stack of receipts. Take that, you paper monster!

Not been taking many photos, but here’s one from over the holidays. I found Mari in this position reading a book.

Ouch! It hurts just to look at her!

Did this blog post have a point? Not sure…OK, back to the sofa. Let’s hope tomorrow brings with it a little less exhaustion.

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  1. January 22, 2008 5:56 pm

    Oh miss Laura…I hope you are feeling better. I miss your blog and your photos. Here is a warm cup of tea and a hug.

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