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A Delicious, Blogilicious Morning

January 10, 2008

Laura’s Blog Entry

What fun! Most of the blogs I read had updates this morning. Not sure why that makes me happy, but it does. I am still humming the song “Electric Dreams” thanks to Digital Meatloaf. Thanks, boys. I dutifully then started entering receipts into the computer so I can do our year-end financial stuff. I do not relish this task, so I am rewarding myself with a little blog-writing break. Yipee!

Since Neil hasn’t had time to blog about the new playlist he created (It’s awesome, dude!) I’ll have to fill the space with a knitting update *giggles with glee at any reason to blog about knitting*.

First of all, I want to backtrack and show the mystery knitting I had tried to photograph while still keeping it obscured on an earlier entry:

These are coaster that I knit for my sister for Christmas. I got the pattern here, but I worked out the colors and sizes of the rings. I love colored pencils! Here are my sketches:

It was a challenge to knit these in the round, but they felted up great and are very cost effective to make using Patons Classic Wool. I plan to make some for myself with the left-over yarn.

If you are interested, I used the following colors:

Gold: Old Gold
Brown: Chestnut Brown
Blue: New Denim
Green: Leaf Green
Red: Burgundy

Next, I finished up my practice socks. These were knitted on two circular needles with the help of a great website.

I just increased the length of the foot from the pattern so that they would fit Mari. She can wear them as slipper socks around the house. Although the fact that they don’t match might push her over the edge. Knitting on two circular needles is confusing at first, so I used two different yarns to keep myself from making mistakes.

Guess I absorbed the technique, because here is what I am working on now:

Two socks (for me!) using what I call the “crazy yarn” sent to me by Nicole in my prize package. The yarn is from Italy and distributed by Coats GmbH and called “Regia” from what I can tell from the non-English label. The colorway is actually called “Crazy Color.” I had to figure out how to cast on and knit from the toe up on these because I don’t want to run out of yarn before I finish. They can just be footies if it works out that way.

Now that I’ve gotten to play for a bit, I have to get back to the precarious pile of receipts. If a stiff breeze (or a curious cat) blows through here I am toast!

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  1. sleepknitting permalink
    January 10, 2008 2:37 pm

    Wow – I’m intrigued by the two socks on two circulars method, was it very tricky? I have mastered using two circulars for one sock anyway!

  2. January 10, 2008 3:04 pm

    Those coasters are so happy and colorful!

  3. January 10, 2008 3:07 pm

    The most confusing part for me was casting on. I must have started over 10 times. But once I understood what was happening, it was pretty easy to knit. The site I linked to was very helpful. Give it a try when you can really sit down concentrate for a long period of time is my advice! I’ll never use double pointed needles for socks unless I absolutely have to. Too fussy with all those needles.

  4. January 10, 2008 3:17 pm

    Hi Emilee. OK, you and sleepknitting both have kickin’ knitting blogs. Both are added to my reading list. You are making sweaters and stuff. Wow. Beautiful, beautiful work. I am inspired!

  5. January 12, 2008 9:19 pm

    Those coasters are crazy cute!!

    I need to learn how to knit.

  6. January 12, 2008 9:28 pm


    Knitting is so addictive! Knit Sara, knit! Knit Sara, knit!

  7. Venus permalink
    January 28, 2008 2:55 pm

    OMGosh I LOVE the coaster…. hint hint beg plead

    You could totally sell those on Etsy! They are adorable.

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