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Welcome to Gothy-Music-Land (Part 3)

January 5, 2008

Neil’s Blog Entry

This past week I got two great surprises at work.

First and foremost, my friend Dave gave me the first set of guitar parts he recorded for my new record. The music he created is simply beautiful! Full of dark ethereal goodness. Listening to it is almost like listening to a whole new song. Whereas before it was just a nice electronic music bed… now it has a great new feel. Thanks Dave. You are wonderful!

Last night, Laura and I hummed the melody line along with it and it feels great. It has a wonderful atmospheric quality. My next step is to finalize the arrangement and tweak some sounds – my demo version of True Pianos has expired so I’ll need to figure out how to put my piano sounds back in. Plus I want to experiment a bit with the drum track. After that, I’ll make a copy for Laura so she can practice prior to recording the vocals – another step in the process in which I’m hoping Dave will be able to be involved.

I just can’t tell you all how excited I am to be making this record. Yay! (Does it seem too girly to yell “Yay” like that? Well I don’t care. I AM that excited.)

Secondly, my friend Holly who hails from West Virginia brought me a bag of pepperoni rolls from her home state. For those of you who don’t know: pepperoni rolls are small pieces of pepperoni “baked in a soft, golden oval of slightly sweet dough, smaller than a dinner roll.” That last bit was from a website all about pepperoni rolls (Yes, there IS a website for pepperoni rolls). They are delicious in a major way and I recommend that you find a bakery in West Virginia that can send you some in the mail. Do it now! You will not be sorry.

And so, with a tummy full of pepperoni rolls, I am headed off to work on my now guitar-sweetened gloomy-tunes.

Still with no pithy catchphrase,

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