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And a Swell Birthday It Was

December 19, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

OK, I’ve calmed down about my hard drive. Cleaned out enough that it is usable for the very near future.

I managed to spread my birthday out over a nice three-day period. Not bad! Four if you count the fact that I realized we had not had any cake and Neil got Frisch’s Hot Fudge Cake for us Monday night.

One of the highlights was that Friday night we had a family dinner and then went to the local Holiday in Lights display at a local park. It is a long drive through some light displays that were most likely purchased in the 1970’s. It has a nice kitsch factor that is comforting. What’s more comforting than a tunnel of lights?

And what’s more Christmasy than what appears to be Dumbledore?

We then ventured into the large indoor section and heard our friend Tara sing in an a capella group. She was all dolled up in period dress and they belted out the holiday classics. Very fun. Mari also visited with Santa and make her demands requests known.

The weekend also included shopping all by myself (lovely!) and a makeup consultation, a trip to Bath and Bodyworks to use my gift card from Random Nicole, seeing Over the Rhine play, and another nice dinner. Good music, good food, new cosmetics…nothing better!

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