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Welcome to Gothy-Music-Land (Part 2): The PowerBook Obit

November 23, 2007

Neil’s Blog Post

So my PowerBook died the other day. That’s right. Dead. As a doornail. And as much as it was my work computer, it also had tons of personal stuff on it… All the files for our podcast, my t-shirt designs and all my music files for my new record. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty stressed out about the idea of losing all that… especially since I was just getting started on the new record.

Anyway, Erik, one of the wonderful and talented IT guys at work took a crack at getting my stuff off of it before it ascended to iHeaven. He was able to get everything off but my applications. What a relief! And to top it off, he had a brand new MacBookPro rushed over so that I could continue my work. We are in the middle of working on a big Christmas show and there’s a lot of video work and animation that needs to be completed in the next few weeks.

He told me that the hard drive was toast. It only stayed alive for brief periods of time and would overheat very fast and would die, which is why he was able to get the files off but not the applications. It crapped out before he could get those off. However, he told me that if I waited a day or so, it might come back for just enough time to get the applications off. So I decided that’s exactly how I would spend Thanksgiving Day.

Got up early Thursday morning and plugged everything in… started up the new Mac… started up the old Mac… crossed my fingers… Nothing. It started up and then dies about two minutes later. It was making this really nasty sound too. Like tiny little people made of metal slowly dying in a car crash over and over again. Crap!

So, off to Thanksgiving dinner with Laura’s parents and her sister’s family. While there, I started manually loading all my software. A troublesome project to be sure – but one I didn’t mind as I remembered the fact that I could have lost everything but, by the grace of God, didn’t.

We get back home around 4:30 and I start loading more software. I’m getting a bit frustrated (I’m not too good at waiting for things) and so I decide to try the old laptop one more time. Maybe it’ll stay running long enough for me to get at least one or two applications off. So I start it up and almost immediately it starts making that horrible noise. I don’t know what made me try this next step… but it was inspired. I reached out, grabbed the laptop and turned it upside down. The noise stopped for a brief second and then started back up again. Hmm. It seemed to have stopped while it was in motion. So I picked it up off the table and began to slowly rocking it back and forth in my arms. What do you know? The noise stopped altogether and a little icon appeared on my desktop saying, “your old crapped-out, dead as a doornail computer is ready to have it’s files copied over to your pretty new MacBook Pro.”

I didn’t know if this was a fluke… or gremlins… or a sign from above… but I quickly began copying the applications and files that I hadn’t already reloaded earlier. Within about 20 minutes I had all my applications running perfectly on the new laptop. Just in time too, as my arms were getting rather tired. I wish I had a video of that. I’m sure Laura will attest to the fact that I looked pretty silly wiggling this laptop in one arm while clicking and dragging files with the other.

So that was my Thanksgiving Day. All is well now. In fact, I am writing this post from the new laptop and I can’t wait til Monday when I can share this story with Erik in IT. I’m sure he’ll get a laugh out of it.

Still with no pithy catchphrase, bye.

PS – My friend Dave – who is playing guitars on the new record – dyed his hair black last week. It’s all dark and gothy, and I’m sure he did it because of the music he’s making on the record. Probably not, but I like to think so.

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  1. November 25, 2007 11:08 pm

    Neil, I’m glad everything worked out. Throughout the year, I had multiple problems with my 17″ Powerbook. They replaced the ram, the motherboard, you name it. Still had issues. After about six months of recurring problems, they GAVE ME A NEW MACBOOK PRO. Amazing. I basically got a $2800 credit for an old machine that wasn’t working. Figure that one out. I have a new MBP that I am enjoying..esp now that I have Leopard. Reeeally like it. I would highly recommend the program Quicksilver if you haven’t yet. Everything you have is literally at your fingertips. Glad your prayers worked. Now go make backups. Now. 🙂


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