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Ready, Steady, Go!

November 20, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

And they’re off! Holiday food preparation has begun. First were Grammie’s Noodles.

This went pretty smoothly, considering I don’t have any notes on how exactly I made them last time. All I have are a list of ingredients from my Grandmother’s recipe. You can bet I will be jotting down some important things so next time it will be a breeze. Like letting the dough rest 10 minutes before extruding it. That worked much better, not so sticky. Here they are drying.

Can’t wait to taste them on Thursday. I’ll be making Potato Rusks tomorrow. These are a special kind of dinner roll that have a bit of potato in them. I tried them last year for the first time and they really didn’t rise well. The dough was too soft and it collapsed on itself. Now that I have bread tips from the lovely Christa, I plan to try some of the dough stretching she taught me during the first rise to develop the gluten. We shall see what happens. May be another flop, but Potato Rusks haven’t defeated me just yet.

Finally, I really, really hope to start baking on Sunday. Here are my newest additions to the cookie-baking arsenal:

I decided that I was done trying to work with two nice cookie sheet and one really bad one. Now I have 4 nice, heavy ones. I found these new ones at Target. Who knew you could get high-end pans there? Cookies don’t rise on thin cookie sheets for me. Now they should all look uniform. Also, note that I invested in a candy thermometer. I borrowed one last year when I made the homemade caramel candy. Well, that recipe is a keeper, so now I have my own. Nothing more fun than stirring a pot of searing liquid sugar and butter that could burn the flesh right off my carcass. It’s like my own little episode of “Fear Factor,” right in my very own kitchen.

As much as I’d like to hang out in the Blogisphere right now, I better get a few more things done before I make my third trip downtown for the day. Mari’s class had a fieldtrip, so I went down to take them to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center, and then pick them up when they were done. It was a fitting trip for her class to tour the Freedom Center right before Thanksgiving. It makes me reflect on the crazy amount of freedom we get to enjoy. And the crazy amount food that will be before us on Thursday.

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  1. November 23, 2007 9:35 am

    The heavy jelly roll pans/cookie sheets are the best! I hate the thin ones and the “air” ones. Just a big ole heavy-duty sheet pan is the best. Couple that with parchment paper and my cookies are out of this world! And by cookies, I mean cookies.

  2. November 23, 2007 10:05 am

    Of course you mean cookies…

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