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Contest Reminder… Deadline Approaches!

November 12, 2007

As podcast listeners will already know, we are having a little contest this month. It is open to blog readers as well, even if you don’t listen to the show.

We are giving away a copy of our most favorite Christmas CD, The Darkest Night of the Year, by Over the Rhine.

What do you have to do to win this wonderful prize? It is quite simple. Send in a story of the best Christmas gift you received as a child. OK, it doesn’t even have to be THE BEST gift. Or even a Christmas gift. How about the gift you wanted but never got and now you are in therapy? You don’t even have to have been a child. But if it could be about YOU and not someone else, that would actually be good.

In all seriousness, please send in your story. It doesn’t have to be some massively impressive gift; just a story about your experience. I think I am going to tell about the year my sister and I got the Fisher Price castle. Or maybe The Year of the Big Dolls.

The deadline to enter is Sunday, November 18. That is this coming Sunday, so fire up your memory and get typing (or recording.)

Stories can be e-mailed or submitted in MP3 format, if you would like to tell the story instead of write it. Send entries to Thanks for playing along, everyone!

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