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Into the Matrix

November 8, 2007

Neil’s Blog Entry

This past summer, I entered and won a design competition held by
record label Alfa-Matrix for their upcoming 4 CD compilation Endzeit
Bunkertracks III
. The designs are based on my line of goth / industrial T-shirts at

Endzeit Bunkertracks III, according to the label, contains the
“best dark, harsh elektro and modern power noise acts active on the
planet. The ultimate evil dancefloor conquerors all packed on some 4
(!!) full length CDs (including 62 out of 66 rare or previously
unreleased exclusive tracks!) delivered to your hands. It features
artists coming from every corners of the world (Mexico, Argentina,
Portugal, Canada, UK, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Germany, USA, Spain,
Greece, France, The Netherlands, Denmark.). Full club power,
malevolent moments and splitting headaches guaranteed by this new
ultimate Endzeit experience of over 300 minutes of sonic

So go check it out… If you’re into that sort of thing.

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