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Creative Accidents

October 25, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry


So Neil and I are fascinated with the creative process. Whether it was back when I was in my senior year of college and discovered the joy of the art elective (you mean I get credit for taking photos and making jewelry?) or making an album, or writing a verse or arranging items on a shelf…

Creativity often happens unexpectedly – it’s a little pop in my brain. Like, “Where did that come from?” A creative accident. I have been on an accelerated journey of discovery ever since I quit working. And I have found my creative voice.

Someone who has been on the journey with Neil and I and has supported us in too many ways to begin to mention, is our friend Todd Henry. And he is having his own little creative explosion. We have all learned amazing things together and now he has actually created a whole community centered around the creative process.

His project, The Accidental Creative, is a safe haven and support system for creative-types. The world we live in is create-on-demand. But we aren’t necessarily made to create under those conditions. So what can we do?

Todd gathers resources from some of the most creative minds of our day and distills their wisdom into bite size nuggets. He has a free podcast called The Accidental Creative. Check it out if you would like an inspiring tidbit to get your creative juices flowing. And you know how I love my tidbits!

You can also visit his site at and learn about his virtual community.

Now go out there and make something beautiful!

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  1. cindee permalink
    May 13, 2008 10:49 pm

    Hi! Just dropping by to say hi since I noticed the title of your blog! Interesting blog!

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