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Night Owl

October 20, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I don’t usually blog at 1:30 AM, because I am usually asleep. I get up at 6 to get Mari ready for school, so I a conk out around 10 or 11. But Neil and I had a night out tonight. We had dinner with the Goths and then headed out for 80’s night at a local club. But once again, The Curse of The Smiths hit. No 80’s night. The DJ recently quit doing it. This is our track record in this city. Usually the club closes the week before we want to go there. At least this time we didn’t put them out of business.

But all is not lost. We ended up listening to a live band called Polly Panic. It is like Zeppelin meets Tori Amos meets Courtney Love. But Courtney Love is like Zeppelin meets Tori Amos, so it was more like Courtney Love if she played the cello. A singing cellist and a drummer. Interesting, huh? We thought so.

Neil is on a bit of a high about his music stuff, and I have to say I am too, as I have been invited to participate. I am honored that some of the other musicians that are involved would like me to work on the project. Neil might feel obligated to ask me, but they don’t have that baggage. I am in a bit in shock about it, but honestly I can’t wait to get started on some vocal parts.

But first I need to roll into bed… ZZzzzzzzz

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