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Christmas Knitting Update

October 19, 2007

While I am waiting for DM’s Remastered Exciter CD to rip to my iTunes so I can listen on my walk, I thought I would organize my thoughts on my holiday knitting projects. Let’s see what we’ve got:

1 shawl – finished
3 scarves – finished
1 scarf – ends to weave in
2 backpacks – need straps sewn on and polymer clay bead made for closures
2 furry pillows sewn together (these are technically for a January birthday gift)
Note: buy one more pillow form
One project I don’t want to mention – 2-4 more items knitted to complete the set (I’m not sure yet how many I want to do) and then felted

Not bad for someone who started knitting after Christmas last year.

I will do a knitting blog once these are done. Which will be soon because I am a completer. And I want to start my first pair of socks!

But I need the double pointed needles being used for the unnamed project above. I am very excited to do socks. I picked some “Slouch Socks” from Ready, Set, Knit by Sasha Kagan. I chose these because I already had the pattern; it is made with only one yarn and I am tired of color changes at the moment; it is straight knitting, no pattern or cables (except the band at the top); and they should be pretty forgiving if the size isn’t quite right because they are loose, lounging socks and not fitted. I hope I am not sorry about using the chenille yarn it called for. It is very soft, but I am fearful of how hard it will be to rip it out when I make an error. I already checked my gauge, so I am ready to roll! I haven’t knitted anything for myself since my first project, the knitting bag – from the same book. I feel positively indulgent!

So this is a busy day. Mari is off school, but we are going to the salon this afternoon for haircuts, then she has jazz dance class, then she is going to a sleepover. And Neil and I will be enjoying an evening with the Goths and, if we don’t wimp out when it starts getting late, 80’s Night for dancing at a local club. They advertise that they play DM on their MySpace page, so here’s hoping!

Oh, my, I haven’t even selected an outfit yet. Gotta go!

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  1. October 22, 2007 2:35 pm

    Good luck with the socks. 🙂 It’s really impressive that you taught yourself to knit apparel. I’ve made scarves but my one foray into “real” clothing… a crocheted sweater… scared me off forever. I swear that the gauge was correct but after a while it was obvious that it was too small. And no way was I starting over. 😛 So I tossed it into the trash and never looked back, LOL!

  2. October 22, 2007 3:21 pm

    We’ll see. The socks may reduce me to a tearful pile of goo on the floor! But I met some cool Facebook sock knitters this weekend, so I have backup on this. I’m going in…

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