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Serial Costumers

October 10, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I spent the better part of yesterday curled up with Dean Koontz – let me rephrase that – a Dean Koontz book*, and it must have been imbued with healing qualities. I feel almost human again. Nothing like a thriller involving a man on a quest for redemption who is transported back in time to relive a night with his satanic, wacko serial killing brother to get me back on my feet. And what am I doing with my regained vitality? I thought I’d throw together a few photos of the costumes we mentioned on the podcast. It was fun going through photo albums to find these!

Popeye and Olive Oyl

Not sure what event this was for… It was tough to get my braid to stand out like that. I think I used pipecleaners! Note: I wore Neil’s massive shoes.

Cindy Crawford

Lame, I know. This is me with my friend Brian at his Halloween party. He throws the best parties on earth. And he is responsible for my love of the Manhattan – the beverage, that is. If you look closely, I have a sticker on my jeans that says, “House of Style.” Anyone else remember Cindy’s show on MTV?

Of course I had to throw in some of my cute baby. Here she is at 2 with her pumpkin sippy cup:

And her first costume – she chose to be Cassie from “Dragon Tales.” She was trying to be scary in this photo.

Now I know you have all been waiting to see this one. Here is the Batman ensemble. I have no words…

PS – I am the gypsy on the left.

Finally, I had to twist Neil’s arm to be able to put this one up, but remember that Halloween party that I mentioned our friend Brian had? Well, here’s what it disintegrated into:

He’s all mine, folks.

* The Dean Koontz book is Strange Highways.

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