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A Peaceful Resting Place

September 18, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry
As we gear up for our Halloween podcast that is coming up in October, how about some spooky cemetery photos? But actually they aren’t spooky at all. Over Labor Day weekend (when it was still 10,000 degrees around here) we made a trip to the huge cemetery in town, Spring Grove.

It is the second largest cemetery in the US, and it is a beautiful park and botanical garden as well.

It is an amazingly peaceful place to visit, take photos, sit quietly, or picnic. And it is breathtaking in the snow.

I had heard that George Reeves, of “Superman” fame was buried there, but alas, I was misinformed. There are some rather famous people buried there – from politics – the Taft family – and business – Proctors and Gambles. If you are unfamiliar with the last two names, check the maker of some of your favorite consumer products (Swiffer, Olay).

I love to look at all the different type styles on the markers.

We are only beginning to explore, but our favorite spot so far is a statue of a woman at the top of a hill, with a pair of lions guarding the steps.

There are small and large markers.

The sky was a killer shade of blue that day.

Here is Mari in front of some of the largest pine trees I have ever seen.

There are interesting little mausoleums.

And this one makes me think of Anne Rice and New Orleans.

After this trip we went home and watched an old cult classic called “I Bury the Living.” It is a story is about a guy who thinks he has the ability to cause people’s deaths by sticking a pin in a map at the cemetery. A fitting end to the day.

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  1. October 3, 2007 4:27 pm

    Very cool photos! I’ve been thinking of cemeteries as a possible location for a class assignment. But to my knowledge there isn’t one as cool as this anywhere nearby!


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