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Get Thee to the Faire

September 16, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry
This week’s little Mari-did-a-good-job-at-homework-treat was a trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Mari and I had never had the pleasure of such an experience before. All I knew about it I learned from “The Gilmore Girls”: people dress up; they talk in British accents; they eat turkey legs. Oh, and sell stuff.

Well, all of the above was indeed accurate. You can always rely on “The Gilmore Girls!“ But this weekend was special because it was Pirate Weekend. This was the most interesting mix of sub-culture genres I have experienced in some time. There is a define Goth cross-over – lots of long dresses and corsets. Plus the whole hippy-commune kinda vibe. Throw in some fairies, princesses and wizards and you’ve got a Renaissance Fair. Oh and the mead. God bless the mead, kind Sir!

So Mari was decked out in her best Renaissance wear, including a snazzy hairdo I threw together. I got the idea from one of Dr. Boogie’s styles on the last season of “Shear Genius.” See reality TV is good for you!

When we walked in the gate there was a lady selling garlands for the hair and we just had to have that, don’t you know. Let the spending begin!

We wandered through the shops, ate our favorite foods: funnel cakes, various meats on sticks, candied almonds, and mead. Did I mention the mead?

Funnel Cake

We watched a joust (using rescued horses that we were assured were not harmed in any way and LOVED their jobs).

Mari was in heaven. Give her a pony ride and a vial of fairy dust and she is good to go. Not to mention that Queen Elizabeth herself made Mari an official princess in a special ceremony. I believe I witnessed Mari realize that maybe there are other careers she could consider other than horse farmer. Like a crystal-selling wench, perhaps.

I was most impressed by the authenticity of the drunken pirate that was wandering around (despite the braces on his teeth). The only disturbing things we experienced were the stand for the roasted almonds called The King’s Nuts, and the sausage on a stick called The King’s Wienie. Nothing like hearing someone shout out “I’ve got an order for a king’s wienie! I need a king’s wienie at the window!”

And with that, good Lords and Ladies, I bid thee good night…

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