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Prize Bonanza

September 6, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I was just looking at the Flickr and decided it’s time to show more photos!

The day we recorded the last podcast we went to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. Why I felt this was a photo-worthy event, I’m not sure. Here is Mari enjoying her sugar buzz:

That crate of “Munchkins” (doughnut holes) didn’t even last the rest of the day.

Does everyone get as excited as I do to get a package in the mail? My pulse gets a bit quick, even when my Daytimer refills arrive. All those crisp, clean pages – just waiting to be filled with notes like “pay the bills” and “oil change for the car.” Reminds me of the feeling I’d get when I received those special packages from Tiger Beat magazine that contained the books all about Leif Garrett. And you thought Depeche Mode was my first love. I trained with the best teen idol ever! Although technically, Donny Osmond was the first. When I was 6.

What was this blog about… Oh yes, a prize bonanza. Last Friday we got a package that was much more exciting than that. I mentioned awhile back that Neil won the “Design Your Own Damn T-Shirt” Contest for the band Hungry Lucy. Well the prize package arrived! Oh, the wonders I got to unpack!

The kitty was excited, too. If only for a possible box to pee in, but I digress.

First, of course, there was a T-shirt for Neil. Secondly there was a cozy hoodie – that Neil most generously gave to me. And Christa Belle was so sweet to hand embroider my name on the front:

OK, I’d like to see another band top that! Talk about appreciating the fans. War-N and Christa, you rock! Plus, we got a CD packaged with beautiful artwork from a side project they did called Thorn Apple. It is very pretty – both the music and the lovely vellum enclosures that came with it. Feels like Christmas around here!

That seems like enough sharing for the moment. I’ll post more pics from our nice little local adventures over Labor Day weekend soon. Happy soon-to-be Friday!

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