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August 24, 2007

“Personal Jesus” (Acoustic)

Depeche Mode

We talked about this version on the podcast recently. It was then that I realized I didn’t have it in my collection. What kind of fan am I? After righting that wrong I have been enjoying this track in all its simplicity. The tide turned for Depeche Mode with the release of this song.

“Second Wind”

Tracy Bonham

Song two and already a trend. On a spiritual kick. Another acoustic guitar track by a killer singer. I discovered Tracy when she toured with Blue Man Group and the ever lovely Venus Hum. This song reflects feeling a bit alone down here. Like someone isn’t quite paying attention. It’s “Hey you, what’s with all this bad crap going on?” wrapped in a pretty tune.

“Womb of God”


Monk is the work of Ric Hordinski. We’ll be featuring one of Ric’s new songs on the September podcast, but this one is another favorite of mine. Most of his stuff is instrumental, so a vocal track is a special treat. This song is perfect for when all is right with the world and I feel that rare spit second of big-picture perspective.

“Reflecting Light”

Sam Phillips

Hands down, Sam is one of my favorite songwriters and one of my favorite female vocalists. I’m not sure why this song makes me weepy. It is so sweet – but not sappy. The string section has something to do with it – nothing like a nice string section behind a great vocal (think “One Caress” by Depeche Mode). To me this song is about exhausting all the options that are about me. “I’m on my knees in fascination.” All my favorite songwriters seem to spend a lot of time on their knees. I just hope that I am indeed “reflecting light.”

“Piece of Soul”

Katie Reider

This is an example of good classic, acoustic songwriting. “Do I have any right to love you like this?” This is on a sweet little album called Wonder. A little tidbit for the BSG fans – Dave Eberhardt, the actor who played the main character in Neil’s BSG film, plays guitar on this album. He is multitalented! And oh so humble! I really miss getting to hear Katie sing live. Alas, she left this area of the country not long ago. Note to self: Play Katie again on the podcast soon!


Venus Hum

This track is off the illusive and rather valuable self-titled album Venus Hum. Sometimes referred to as “the one with the red dots.” The first time I got to hear VH live was on a trip to celebrate my birthday in Nashville. I had not yet acquired my coveted copy of the aforementioned album, so I didn’t know this song. I fell in love with it immediately. It’s just got that certain VH something – quirky sounds and electronic goodness, all wrapped by Annette’s kickin’ voice.

“Television Tower”


This song falls into the my-how-you’ve-grown category I have created for myself. Neil has always been into electronic music in a serious way, but until the last few years I hadn’t fully embraced the genre. I think that since Neil and I have started doing music together I have started listening in a different way. The laid back groove to this one just flows.

On that note I think I’ll just float off to bed now…

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