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Home Sweet Home

August 11, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

We were talking last night with some new friends about living in Cincinnati.

They chose to live here when they decided to leave LA. You may be surprised by this, but I’m not. Cincinnati is actually a pretty cool place to live. First of all, we have a very comfortable life here on only one income. Neil and I had to choose long ago whether we wanted to move to New York or Chicago, or stay here. There have continued to be plenty of creative opportunities here, and we don’t have to scrape by financially or live crammed into a tiny space. Although we never seem to have enough closets!

Also, there are many cultural opportunities and things that inspire us creatively here. Sure, Depeche Mode hasn’t played here since the Devotional Tour, but the occasional trip to Chicago is not a bad thing. There are more live shows here than I could ever hope to attend. And we are discovering the small Goth community that we never knew existed. Beautiful parks, a pretty skyline, killer supermarkets where I can get any ingredient that has ever been mentioned on Food Network. Life is good!

Neil and I dream of retiring someday to a loft downtown. For now we just borrow the loft view that belongs to our friends.

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