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SOP 008 – The Astronaut Rockstar

August 1, 2007

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Show Notes
August is here (where has the summer gone?) and it is time for our tribute to all that is space-ish. We have special guest Tony Miracle of Satellite City with us. And he shares his latest musical creation as well as lets us in on what it is like to work on a secret music studio that is floating in an undisclosed location, somewhere on the river Thames. Laura sings the praises of the Mohawk hat, Neil goes retro for a smoldering, attractive man, and we all learn how to make the perfect S’more. Light the campfire, toast the marshmallows, and enjoy some satellite music.

Music Guide
“Killing Fishes”
Album: Killing Fishes
Artist: Neil Smith

“The Hillside Firm”
Album: Cincinnati Modern
Artist: Satellite City

“Falling Stars”
Artist: Mari Smith

“Song for Charley Harper”
Album: Cincinnati Modern
Artist: Satellite City

“How to be a Satellite”
Album: How to be a Satellite
Artist: Liam Lynch

Satellite City

Swan Dive

Charley Harper book by Todd Oldham

Charley Harper at the Treadway Gallery

Neil Armstrong Museum

National Museum of the United States Air Force

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The obligatory Depeche Mode link:

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