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Vacation Memories Part Deux

June 21, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

Another exciting day on vacation was spent in Baltimore, Maryland. We went to the harbor there because we had to eat some crab, the local specialty. Here is my delicious lunch that I enjoyed very much – a luscious crabcake atop a salad. Yummy!

Other local specialties we enjoyed were saltwater taffy (for Neil and Mari) and fudge (for me). I think fudge is the local specialty everywhere, isn’t it? There is always a fudge shop around on vacation.

We took a little peddleboat ride in a dragon boat.

On the paddleboat I snapped some pictures (when I really should have been peddling. I thought I was peddling, but apparently I was only moving my legs in a circle and Neil was doing all the work – oops!)

When we got home we did some much needed work on the front of the house – a fresh paint job. We also participated in a yard sale with some friends in Northern KY. There always seems to be too much stuff at our house. Now we have a little breathing room with 2 car-loads of items sold or donated.

Of course you can’t participate in a yard sale without helping out your friends by buying some of their stuff. That is just the way it is done! So Mari got some lovely unicorn figurines from our friend Keena. Goes well with the fairy figurine she talked Neil into buying her in Gettysburg, PA at the little fairy figurine store.

Anyway, here are my yard sale finds:

Cool lamp for the living room.

Vintage typewriter. (Thanks, Christian!) This makes me very, very happy. It inspires me to keep writing. (Mari is reading over my shoulder and says it makes her happy, too.)

I am off to play on Facebook. Come find me there if you are a Facebooker. But before I go, here is Mike, the King of the Yard Sale:

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  1. June 21, 2007 7:37 pm

    That food looks AWESOME. My wife was born in “Bal’mer”. One request: more pics of the Smiths. 🙂

  2. June 21, 2007 8:47 pm

    More photos of the Smiths? That might be a problem. We are quite camera shy! I will take it under advisement, though…

    PS-The food was AWESOME!

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