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Vacation Memories

June 19, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I did my work on the computer this morning – boring financial stuff – and now I get to blog. Yea! After a busy second week of vacation at home, I am feeling nostalgic for our trip. Time to walk down memory lane.

Our first day was spent driving the 500 miles to Pennsylvania. Not a bad drive, although the signage in Maryland leave a bit to be desired.

The next day Mari had a real treat. It was Horse Day. She is one of those little girls who have the horse fascination. So in the morning we headed over to Gettysburg, PA to The Land of Little Horses.

We visited here last year, and she loved it. There are small horses and animals in pens and some are walking around. You can feed them and pet them. It is very well maintained and clean and the animals are very friendly. Mari was in heaven.

Our favorites this year were the goats. They were very photogenic.

Cutest Baby Goat Ever!

Billy Goat

My Favorite Photo

So take that, Andrew! Sure, your sheep pics were cute, but come on! Top this if you think you can!

Not sure where that came from – sorry! After the trip to see the little horses, it was time for the real thing. Mari got a birthday gift from her grandparents – a trail ride on a full size horse. Her Aunt Peg took her and they had the best time.


A trip to Hanover wouldn’t be complete without a couple of pizzas from Jerry and Sal’s. This is NY style pizza, which we really can’t get where we are. Dewey’s Pizza is close, but not quite the same.

So other than those highlights, I did some reading, and I hit my stride with my latest knitting project. I love what I am making (can’t say what it is because it is a gift) but I was struggling with the lace pattern because it calls for using 2 different yarns together as one. This made it rather difficult to work with when doing the “yarn-overs” and making the open holes of the pattern. But I finally got the feel for it and could stop working so hard. That’s when I love knitting most. When I can forget the pattern and just let my hands just do it. Very zen. I am on the last color change now that I am home and plan to finish it up this week. One Christmas gift done! Here’s a photo that doesn’t give too much away. I really like the color combo I came up with.

On the way home we had one of our usual AH-HA moments. Something about the start of a long drive when you know that home is at the end of it brings things to light. We realized that we both approach vacations differently when it comes to money. I won’t go into details as it was Neil’s revelation and I don’t know if he’d appreciate me putting it out there, but anyway, it was really helpful to us to figure this out. Now I understand where he is coming from and I have a bit more compassion. More importantly he understands where he is coming from.

We both approach vacations similarly when it comes to planning. Here’s our philosophy: Our lives are busy and fulfilling. Our vacations need to be a break from all that “input.” We don’t want to go to museums or historical sites. We want to rest. We want to sit. And stare. And not have to focus on anything. Why do I feel that the expectation for me is to go on vacations and then “do” a bunch of things? I don’t want to, gosh darn it! I feel like if I want to go sit and stare into space I have to choose a moment when no one is watching so they won’t think I am weird. That’s my hang-up, I guess.

That’s enough for now. Tune in for more vacation stuff in the next post.

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