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Behind the Podcast – Episode 6

June 13, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

The June Podcast is up, and as promised, here are some extra goodies to go along with it. But again, even though we already posted it – here’s the long awaited link to Neil BSG short film, called “Catharsis”:

I want to share some photos from the Martin Gore DJ event at The Old Kings Road Pub in Santa Barbara, CA. Two of my Mode buddies were kind enough to share their pictures – lucky, lucky girls.

Photo by Rustidonell

Here is Mr. Gore, DJ extrordinaire! Note all the cameras pointed at him. Yikes!

Photo by Rustidonell

Here are 3 very cool chicks!

Photo by Rustidonell

And here is the man himself with Bubblesark. Did I mention how lucky they were?

Photo by Bubblesark

Finally, there were some guys there, too. Here’s Rustidonell’s husband doing the robot. So, so sorry I missed this in person!

Photo by Rustidonell

Sigh… maybe next time I can go…

Well, that’s all we’ve got. Time for vacation! Here’s to a week of reading, knitting, and basic sitting arounding!

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