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May 25, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I decided whenever I get up to 7 songs on my “Now Playing” playlist I created on my iTunes that I will do a blog about it. Because talking about music is more fun that just about anything else.

This playlist owes a lot to the lovely Andrew from the iSay iSay iSay podcast. He has been leading me around in the wonderful world of electronic goodness. I’ll give him credit below on the tracks for which he is responsible.

“I Should Know”

Dirty Vegas

Recently Neil and I pooled our iTunes contents and I found some things I had always wanted to listen to. I remember hearing Dirty Vegas first on some car commercial. This album is really nice, and this is one of my favorite tracks. The song has a great build. It is just a masterfully constructed song. I also just love the whole groove of it. Great for dancing.


This song fits my minimalist interests of late. This is an interesting band. They are considered part of the futurist movement and I was drawn in by their cohesive visual image as it related to the marketing of the music.

I am probably partial to this song in particular as the male harmony part is sung by the lovely Martin Gore. Client’s song “Pornography” is also one of their best IMO. No, it is not X-rated. The word “pornography” just happens to rhyme well with “It’s you and me…”

“Step Out of Time”
Liam Lynch

We’ll be talking more about Mr. Lynch on the July and August podcasts, but I’ve been listening to the his music lately, so he’s definitely on the playlist. He has a really creative video podcast called Lynchland that Neil and I love. Born in Ohio – what can I say – this state churns out the creative-types. My favorite line from the song is “Get out of bed and put your favorite hoodie on, turn the computer on.”

“Barely Breathing”
Duncan Sheik

This song and I were fated to be together. It’s been in and out of my life for many years. I know this song was overplayed back in the day, but don’t hold that against the song – or Duncan Sheik. I really liked it when it came out. Then it turned up on a compilation a friend made for me 4 or 5 years ago. Then I found the CD for sale at a garage sale. Score! How often do you find an album that is on your “to buy someday” list at a garage sale? Now I can even happily enjoy it on the Muzak at my local grocery store. Neil and I think it’s funny how our age-group is now the “target” of marketers. Anyway, this is one of my top ten songs, ever. He has a beautiful, beautiful voice and killer harmonies. I like a man who can sing a good harmony. Makes me weak in the knees.

“Lost in the Stars”

Martin Gore

This is a cover of a Kurt Weill song written for a Broadway musical of the same name, based on the book, Cry, the Beloved Country. Mr. Gore can bring me to tears with this one. It’s one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. Simple arrangement; piano and voice. Not even any harmony. There is nothing else I can say…

“Lightning Strikes Twice”
Saint Etienne

Yes, I am still on a Saint Etienne kick. Fully endorsed by the lovely Andrew. This song stuck out when Neil and I saw them last year in Chicago, but Andrew reminded me of it recently. Love, love, love it. Kinda dark and gothy. MMMmmmm.

“Acceptable In the Eighties”

Calvin Harris

OK, this song cracks me up – “I’ve got hugs for you if you were born in the eighties…” Every happy memory of the Eighties comes flooding back to me during this bit of techno-joy. Thanks once again for the tip from Andrew on this one.

Go ye forth and listen yourself.

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  1. April 2, 2008 2:45 am

    Lost in the Stars, as performed by Martin Gore is indeed startling. His voice always has that fragility about it, which makes it so special and unique !

  2. April 2, 2008 8:10 am

    Alien Skin – “Startling” is the perfect word for it. Thanks!

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