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BSG Video Contest, Part 11

May 24, 2007

Neil’s Blog Enry

Thank God for Discreet Cleaner! Cleaner is a program that compresses huge video files into much smaller files. My 680 MB movie was soon a tiny, tiny 32MB. The only noticeable difference in the image was that it was slightly higher in overall contrast.

So with everything completed, last night I uploaded the movie to SCIFI.COM. They say it’ll take about a week for them to review it to make sure it meets all of their criteria. But once it is approved, it’ll go up on the site along with all of the other submissions.

I have no idea how long it’ll be after June 1 that the winner will be announced. So right now, I’m in yet another “hurry up and wait” phase of the project.

I don’t know when I’ll blog next – with the exception of when they announce the winners. And now that this project is completed, I find myself with absolutely nothing else to say… but I’m sure I’ll come up with something eventually. So for the time being, or at least until we’re back from vacation in mid-June, thanks for reading. Oh, yeah – and wish us luck with the video!

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