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BSG Video Contest, Part 10

May 22, 2007

Neil’s Blog Enry

Day 3 of shooting went great. If I sound like a broken record, it’s because I’ve been pleasantly surprised that the shoots have all gone so well. Normally, there are problems here and there… but we didn’t really have any, outside some trouble lighting a few shots – but it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t work with.

On the work side of things, this was about the busiest week so far this year. But we had prepared for that ahead of time and while it was pretty crazy at times, we weren’t really all that stressed or anything.

As I write this, I am near the tail end of post-production. Wow! That was fast wasn’t it? Well, I tend to go for hours and hours (as Laura will attest to) when I’m excited about a project… and I spend several days and many “after hours” hours doing the editing and other post work.

Actually, Laura and I have just finished watching my first director’s cut (OK – I’ll admit, it’s pretty cool saying “my first director’s cut”). We noticed there were still a couple things I need to tweak, and so it’ll be a little more work before we have a final cut. I’m trying to make very detailed notes so that I can make all the alterations at once, considering it’s been taking about 3-4 hours to render out the video.

There were only two major effects shots in the video. One was removing and relocating an actor’s arm in a shot and the other was a digital set extension. Both shots were pretty easy to do, but took a while. Most of the other post work was with building up the audio track and color correction. I’ve put a bit of film grain on everything to give it that nice gritty look – plus that standard issue BSG blue tint. I also added some subtle camera shake.

Oh, and in case any of you are wondering what tools I’m using – I use Final Cut Pro for the editing, After Effects for the effects and compositing, and Soundtrack for the audio work.

So we’re almost to the finish line. I should have everything wrapped up into a final cut by sometime tomorrow. Then it’s off to SCI-FI.COM to upload this beast of the file. At my last check the video is just under the four-minute limit and weighs in at a whopping 680 MBs. Should be fun to upload that… maybe I’ll get some Skyline first.

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