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Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

May 21, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

As I prepare this post I am listening to an advance copy of the Satellite City album Cincinnati Modern. Yes, I said advance copy. Because I am special.

Satellite City is Tony Miracle’s solo project when he is not working on Venus Hum stuff. The album is amazing! A jazzy, retro tribute to art and architecture. Tony always does something different for each of his solo projects. This one involves some guest musicians on guitar and drums for a lovely mix of acoustic and electronic goodness. I love that he follows what inspires him at any given time. I recommend this album to everyone. Great party music for a warm summer evening. It will be out on iTunes soon. Listen in for a sampling on the podcast later this summer.

For more information on Satellite City, click here.

Let’s see; what has been going on…

Friday we finished up the BSG filming. I’ll have a blog from Neil on it tomorrow. It was very fun to be a PRODUCTION ASSISTANT for this project. I now can add PRODUCTION ASSISTANT to my resume. I feel very important being a PRODUCTION ASSISTANT. Here is a photo of me (left) with Susan (right).

Most of Neil’s photos are of all guys, so I thought we needed some chicks up in here. During the shoot, Susan worked as boom operator (holding the microphone on the really long pole thingy and wearing ear phones) and I logged all the “shots” and “takes” on a notepad so Neil would know which takes were best for the editing without watching everything we shot.

Friday night we had a very small, little get-together for Neil’s birthday. We had snacks and a chocolate orgy. Our friends Bryan and Danyne have a chocolate fountain so they set it up and we all ate like mad people. I assume everyone else did – I was so busy practically drinking the chocolate deliciousness I am not sure what everyone else was doing…

Above – Neil with the fountain of joy. That is actually chocolate dripping down in 3 tiers. Insanity. Try it on a BBQ potato chip (that a crisp for you Brits out there, I believe).

Here is the creation of the night… Marshmallows, stuck on the end of a fat pretzel stick, rolled in toasted walnuts. Coma to follow.

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