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BSG Video Contest, Part 9

May 18, 2007

Neil’s Blog Entry

Thursday was our second day of shooting. The reason for delaying the second day for a week was so that our leading actor could build up a beard. In the story, his character is imprisoned for a while and we wanted to show a bit of disintegration in him.

Anyway, we started around 9:00 or so setting up lights and such. Our first shots were the three or four action shots involving two militia / military types. My friend Marcus provided us with two AR-15s. Marcus took care to remove the firing mechanisms so that there would be no accidents on set.

Many of our shots involved giving Dave the appearance of being beaten and bruised. For this effect, we relied on the masterful work of another friend, Susan Jung. She did a fantastic job with Dave’s makeup… and it looked really believable on the monitor!

Tomorrow we wrap up our shooting and it’s on to the editing process. There’s quite a bit of post-production work that I want to do on this once it’s edited, so I’m itching to get that started.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here’s our two resident Cylons in a costuming debacle. We tried… but the jackets just didn’t cut it for the shots. However, they made for a great floor show. So, until next time – tip your waiters and no touching the talent please.

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