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“I have news, good news from Notting Hill…”

May 14, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

OK, it’s not from Notting Hill, but whatever… that’s a quote from a Saint Etienne song, BTW…

We got some good news over the weekend. Neil won first place in the “Design Your Own Damn T-Shirt” contest for the band Hungry Lucy. His entry is below.

I am very proud of him and I think the design really captures War-N and Christa quite well. We are happy that they seemed to really like it. This means he gets a free shirt, hoodie and some CD’s. Yipee! Cool stuff! We are hoping this is a sign of good things to come with the BSG video contest!

I had a simply lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. I got to sleep in (amazing!) and was served breakfast in bed with presents. Mari gave me a cookbook that they made and school and wrote some sweet things in it that as usual made me cry. She has learned that this is a good thing when Mommy cries while opening gifts.

My other present was a cute, tiny little speaker system for my iPod.

Because just the iPod is not enough. And the stereo system with the iPod dock is not enough. No, you also need to have a little portable speaker systems so you can listen to podcasts in the shower!

After my nice breakfast, I went out and gardened for hours – enjoying my music without headphones. Then I got to take a long, hot bath. A perfect day. Oh, did I mention Neil did the grocery shopping? Bliss!

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