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Everything’s Gone Green…

May 8, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

Back to the garden. Thought I’d share today’s progress. The herb garden was a mess.

I could barely see Mr. Piggy in the mint!

Before I go pick up this year’s annuals (Basil, Rosemary, and hopefully Chamomile) I had to get rid of all the crazy mint. Mint spreads like wildfire, but luckily it is easy to pull out. Weeds I struggle with here in the Midwest are huge-rooted horseradish and smelly onion grass. And the usual stubborn dandelion.

But it is all gone now!

I was too lazy to move the tools and garden hose to compose a nicer photo.

Here’s an update on my earlier project out back – the fence-hiding initiative. It is all in – and mulched, I might add.

Neil had to dig the last bit as I was done in. As a result, we created a compost pile because there was nowhere else to stick all the removed sod. I am so excited to have a compost pile again. And we created it on Earth Day. How ecological and politically correct of us!

Now I am off to work on prop / set stuff for the BSG video. Oh the glamour!

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