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BSG Video Contest – Part 7

May 4, 2007

Neil’s Blog Entry

Today we had our read-through of the script with our actors. It was more of a we’re-shooting-next-week-so-do-we-have-everything-we-need meeting rather than a run-through, but it was very, very helpful. I was able to make sure the actors had all their questions answered. Susan has begun to refine the shooting schedule – carefully taking into account the availability of our all-volunteer actors and crew. She’s also asking questions and thinking of things that I just don’t have the brain to ask and think of myself. This production probably would not happen if it weren’t for her taking this role.

Also, costumes started to come in this week. Today we finalized our lead character’s costume and yes, it’s the typical tank over sleeveless bit.

Bill has started to develop lighting concepts and ideas for the various locations. We only have three locations, but there’s kinda tricky lighting that needs to happen in each location.

I have to admit that as we get closer and closer to the shoot date, I’m starting to feel a little stressed out. It’s nothing big. And it’s not that anyone or anything is putting pressure on me – it’s just my own wicked desire to see this thing come out the way I see it in my head. But that tends to go really badly with the fact that I’m not very good at handing off stuff for other people to do. I usually end up doing things myself – or worse: micromanaging every little thing and ticking off my wonderful friends who have generously agreed to help me with this project. But I really think that having my friends involved in this one will be so much more fun and give us all a much greater video at the end. So enough moaning… it’s time to get to work and have fun!

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