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Crafty Wednesday

May 2, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry
Since I am feeling poorly today and am avoiding all work, I thought we could have Crafty Wednesday. I started knitting at Christmas time and I am so addicted. I recently finished a couple of projects and want to show them off. Yes, indeed, we have officially hit a dry spell here on the old blog…

Here is my first project, my knitting bag. I wanted to learn to knit so that I’d have something to do as I sit at Mari’s dance classes twice a week. But you can’t knit without a bag to carry your knitting in, right? Note the knitting needles sticking through the bag – it really is full of knitting.

Next, here are two projects, a chunky weave scarf and a tiny “Disco Purse.”

The scarf was my first attempt at using large needles and bulky yarn. I loved it! It is a very fast project. Plus the variegated yarn is cool looking. Here’s a close-up of the stitches:

Finally, a close-up of the purse. Now if I could just find a good disco…

This was my first use of novelty yarn. It was a little hard to work with, but I love the result. I had to make loops to give that top detail. I also learned to knit in the round for this one and used 3 double pointed needles. Kinda complicated, but OK once I figured it out. I actually made 2 purses, as the first one I goofed up and it is a bit distorted. You can’t see it, but inside the purse is a paisley lining from some scrap fabric I had. I like the beaded handle. Below are the books where these designs can be found, in case anyone is interested.

All the yarn was from chain stores – Michael’s Crafts or JoAnn Fabrics as I am cheap and bought it on sale or with discount coupons from the Sunday paper. I am so afraid to go to a fancy yarn store. Hyperventilation might occur.

Knitting Bag and Chunky Scarf: Ready, Set, Knit by Sasha Kagan
Disco Purse: Oddball Knitting by Barbara Albright (This book has many amazing projects in it and I plan to do more of them.

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  1. June 21, 2007 1:43 pm

    Wow, I love all of these knitting projects! Actually, you’ve helped me. I’m currently crocheting a scarf for someone – also with variegated yarn and big needle – and I wondered if it was too wide. But yours looks to be about the same width. Whew, I didn’t feel like ripping it all apart. Big thanks!

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