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April 18, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

I got this idea from fellow blogger and DM fan Liz on her blog she calls “Los Angelista’s Guide to the Pursuit of Happiness.”

She listed 7 songs she is currently listening to. There is apparently some formal rules for this – you get tagged by someone and then tag 7 other people to find out what they are listening to. I have never been big on games, so I am stealing the idea, without all the tagging.

Shiny Toy Guns
“Le Disko”

Don’t know much about this band at all. Got this as a free single of the week on iTunes. Love, love, love this – one of the best dance songs I’ve heard in some time. Fresh, techno-y, with a dose of attitude.

The Blow
“Come on Petunia”

This has got to be one of my favorite bands that I found in the past year. I won’t say too much here as I am saving it for when we play them on the podcast in June. To me they sound like they do whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. Now that makes for some good art – if you know what you are doing – and they most certainly do! This song incorporates a cover of the Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” into an original song. It’s from the album Poor Aim Lovesongs.

“Groove Is in the Heart”

Boy does this one take me back. Back to the days of going out dancing 3 nights a week. Before mortgages and carpools and packing Barbie lunch boxes. I popped this on the other morning for my Pilates workout. Quite effective. I was so busy seeing if I remembered the lyrics that the pain took a back seat. The album could sure use a good remaster, though.

Suzanne Vega

This is actually on my list of top ten songs, ever. I think Suzanne Vega is widely overlooked and underappreciated. Guess it’s the “Luka” syndrome. She is an amazing storytelling songwriter and I really respond to her bare vocals. This song is a jazzy little number off the Nine Objects of Desire album. I also love the song “My Favorite Plum.” She has a new album coming out and I am so looking forward to catch up with her stuff.

Depeche Mode
“I Am You”

This album (Exciter) has been played a bunch lately in my car. I think maybe it fits my laid-back, jazzy mode of late. This song is interesting to me on a couple of levels.

“You have bound my heart with subtle chains
So much pleasure that it feels like pain
So entwined now that we can’t shake free
I am you and you are me.”

On the one hand, isn’t this what you want someone to say to you? Sorta? On the other hand, I find myself thinking what is response to all this adoration by the person being sung to? Is the sentiment returned in full amounts or is it an uneven situation? As usual, a Depeche Mode song raises more questions than it answers. Hey I’ve only had 6 years to analyze this song; think I’ll ponder it for another decade or so.

Saint Etienne
“Shower Scene”

Guess I am on kind of a jazz jag these days. This band has a jazzy, retro, electronic vibe. I listened to the album this song is from, “Finisterre” on my walk this morning. I was afraid it would be too downtempo, but it fit my stride perfectly. The album is very cohesive and has a good flow. If I gave cocktail parties I would definitely play this album to go along with pretty drinks in pretty glasses.

Imogen Heap
“Angry Angel”

Can Immi do angry, or what? Her songs are so powerful, clever, creative, inventive and real, all at the same time. This song makes me want to tell someone off – for all the right reasons, of course! I may have to do something drastic if I don’t get to see her live at some point. She has a lovely blog about the writing of her new album – which she is working as we speak – isn’t that the best news ever? This song is off her first album, “ I Megaphone.”

Enough, already! Go listen to some music yourself…

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