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BSG Video Contest Part 2

April 5, 2007

Neil’s Blog Entry

Today we had our screen tests with our actors… which I guess is the polite way to say “auditioning my friends.” Bill, my director of photography, and I gave each of the actors a few different scenes to do… and now I find myself in the job of casting director. Not something I like very much at all. Each one of the actors gave a great performance, and each one highlighted certain aspects of the characters that I hadn’t thought of before.

So tonight, Laura (my own Mrs. Ron) and I sat and watched the tests over and over – stopping occasionally to talk about something that one actor did particularly well, or some element of the performance that we really liked.

I guess I didn’t realize how hard this casting decision would be. It actually kinda sucks. But I know that a lot rides on the acting and so I’m really trying to be objective and not let my feelings for my friends get in the way of this decision. I’m about 99% sure of who’s going to play what role as I type this, but I do want to confer with my line producer, Susan, in the morning.

And speaking of the morning, tomorrow Bill and I will be storyboarding the shooting script. I love doing storyboards. When I was a kid, I used to have a book containing the storyboards and script from The Empire Strikes Back. It was really cool. I wonder whatever happened to that? Anyway – we’ll be going over the script, shot by shot, and figuring out camera angles, lighting plots, etc. Maybe I’ll post a couple of boards when we’re done if they don’t give away too much of the story.

That’s it for today. I’ll have more as we move further into production.

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