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Violator Is Rockin’ Basement Cleaning Music!

April 4, 2007

Except if you subtract time for all the dance breaks…

Laura’s Blog Post

I am rewarding myself with some computer time (beats eating an entire pie) after working in the basement that I like to refer to as THE BLACK HOLE. Things go down there and hide, not to be seen for 13 years. Or they form colonies and procreate and stuff. I am on a purging streak again (beats developing an eating disorder).

Today’s basement treasure… found on the top shelf, above all the painting supplies – a small box of cassettes. Here are the titles. Draw your own conclusions:

Madonna: The Immaculate Collection
Synergy: Games and Audion (subtitled Electronic Compositions for the Post Modern Age) My, that even sounds interesting!
Kate Bush: Hounds of Love
Stray Cats: Built for Speed
The Best of the Art of Noise
Dead or Alive: Youthquake
The Fixx: Walkabout
Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave
‘Til Tuesday: Everything’s Different Now
OMD: Sugartax
Neil F. Smith: Three Days in November (Who’s that guy, and how did he get in here?)
Ekimi: Ditty
The Phantom of the Opera – Vol 1 and 2
Star Trek: Music from the Original Television Soundtrack, Vol. 2
Soundtrack from Twin Peaks
James Bond: 13 Original Themes
Edward Scissorhands: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Duran Duran: Seven and the Ragged Tiger

Who can be the first to guess if this was Neil’s collection or mine?

These will soon be off to the neighborhood record store, “Everybody’s Records.” (Yes, they still call it a “record” store. I used to go there to get my DM 12 inch singles. They would play them for me so I was sure I was getting the version that I wanted.) I read on their website that they have a “cassette room.” Maybe they’ll want some of these.

OK, on with the purge. Think I’ll go shred some documents. Life is good!

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