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Behind the Podcast – Episode 4

March 31, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

First of all, I just want to say that technically speaking, it’s Dylan, not Hendrix. I am referring to something in the BSG segment of the podcast. You will have to listen to find out what it means. Well, another one is in the can, so to speak. I think we have our routine hammered out and the recording went quite smoothly. Well mostly… kinda…

Lesson Learned:
When you buy nice equipment, remember to turn off the air cleaner like you planned to because it leaves a high pitched hum throughout the recording and now the sound quality is not so great and it had to be processed through a noise-reduction filter and that messed up other stuff I don’t completely understand. So, basically, you will have to wait until next month to hear better sound quality. Sorry! As I understand it, our choice was either I sound distorted when I got a little loud (which happened a number of times!) or we could have an annoying hum in the background the whole time. We took the lesser of two evils. We were not about to rerecord everything once we remembered we left the air cleaner on. Darn those allergies, anyway!

As promised, there are many bonus goodies to go with this month’s episode. Think of this as the DVD “special features” blog entry.

First of all, as promised, here is the video of little Mari and her Easter eggs. Precious!

In the podcast I mentioned Neil’s Depeche Mode Remix. It is cool that the band has officially released this track for people to remix. Have I mentioned they are the coolest band on earth? I might have said that before; sounds somewhat familiar…

Anyway, here is the link to The Cough Medicine Mix of “Martyr.”

If you want to read Neil’s little intro about it, plus geek out on what he used to make it, click here – and experience the glory that is the Depeche Mode Message Board.

Also, as promised, I am posting some more info. on the brilliant Martin Gore solo album, Counterfeit 2. But first, the hair:

Need I say more? Photo by Anton Corbijn from the Counterfeit 2 album art.

Here is a link to an interesting article about the album. It was done by Native Instruments. If you like techy stuff, you’ll love it.

And here is another one, written by Mike Whyte. It gives a good overview of the album and delves into the creative process behind it. He is also a bit in awe, which is kinda cute. I can’t enough of that kind of stuff…

Notice I didn’t say “Just Can’t Get Enough.” I just don’t feel quite that nerdy today…

During “Men Neil Finds Attractive” you may have heard Neil refer to Manopause. You may not know that this is a growing problem in our society. But never fear, there is help:

What kind of crackpot makes this kind of stuff, anyway? *

Finally, I’ll leave you with some photos. I tried and tried to find the one of Neil with his brother and all his sisters, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I put it! Oh well, here he is with one sister, which fits with the song, BTW.

Also here’s one with my sister and I. I am not the blond one, BTW. Thus began a lifetime of photos with my eyes shut.

For those of you still reading at this point – and congratulations, by the way – here is one final bonus. If you liked the opening song, here is a link to Neil’s site where you can get a free remix of “Cold” done by none other than Tony Miracle of Venus Hum. Aren’t you glad you waded through the rest of this tripe to get to the good stuff!

* if You really want to know, Neil did this as one of the many video projects he does at his real job.

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