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A Job Well Done

March 29, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

Spring has sprung and it was time for the maiden voyage into the garden for 2007. It was all facilitated by my friends Jeff and Becky graciously giving us some of their tall ornamental grasses when they split them this year. Yea! Nothing like a no-cost method to get a little backyard privacy – of which we currently have none. Can you say fishbowl?

Here is my current project – putting in the grasses before they die. Here is where they are to go, along the neighbor’s fence:

Now you may be wondering, what kind of outfit does one wear for such a project? Well, glad you asked. Here is a little sample of my gardening fashion:

Note the yellow garden clog from LL Bean, Neil’s old jeans, a paint-spattered shirt from about 1990, and the cord to my iPod – the ultimate accessory.

After 1 hour of painful sod removal:

That’s it for me today… if I want to be able to walk tomorrow, that is. Little by little I’ll get it all put in. And find creative ways to get rid of the sod, as we do not have a spare inch of ground to stash or hide it on our postage stamp size property.

A Job well done:

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