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Podcast in a Box

March 22, 2007

Laura’s Blog Entry

You know, I put “Laura’s Blog Entry” every time as I thought Neil might also want to blog… who was I kidding… Oh well.

Here’s something exciting:

It is a podcast in a box, as we call it. We got a lovely order of goodies, since we seem to be doing this on a regular basis. Two sexy mics, pop filters, a mixer, and some other cables that are to hook everything up, apparently. We will be recording the April episode on Monday, following the final episode of BSG. Our sound quality has been OK so far, but we have been borrowing equipment, as well as sharing one mic, so that has gotten old. But no more!

It will be great for working on music, too. Allergies have postponed that little test in our upstairs (read bedroom) studio.

Also, I wanted to post a picture of my friend Kelly’s cute shoes. “Why?” you may ask. To that I reply, “Why not?”

Well, I feel I’ve accomplished a lot here, so if the rain has stopped Mari and I are off to the park for a run on her scooter. I am trying to pass the time as I wait to see if we won copies of the next 2 DM remasters to be released. I know the odds are bad, but it would save me $40-50, so I am trying to wait until the winners are announced at the end of March. The remasters came out Tuesday. That means I do not have them in my possession. And I read online this morning that the documentary on the “Black Celebration” disk is 1 hour long. That’s one entire hour. I don’t think I am going to make it.

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