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Alton Brown and Live Music!

March 2, 2007

Laura’a Blog Entry

A busy, fun Saturday this weekend. After a late breakfast at a local old-fashioned coffee shop downtown called Hathaway’s, I spent part of the day with friends touring the Home and Garden Show at the convention center. It was miles and miles of products! The main reason we went though was that Food Network’s Alton Brown was making an appearance. Here’s a sad, blurry picture I took:

He did an hour-long presentation that included a Q & A session. He was very funny, especially when he talked about Paula Deen and Rachel Ray. I got to tease my friend Bryan about his admiration for Alton. He gives me so much grief about DM. I feel somewhat vindicated when Bryan seemed pleased that Alton brushed past him on the way up to the stage.

If that wasn’t enough excitement, that evening Neil and I attended the CD release party for Steve Manuel and his new album Comic Book Hero.

It was the second night of a two-night event. It was in a really cool old church that has been turned into a studio/performance space by Ric Hordinski (formerly of Over the Rhine and currently of Monk). As I write I am listening to his album Blink that we picked up at the show. I am enjoying it immensely and plan to contact him about playing some of it for the podcast.
Anyway… I love seeing a show in a small, intimate space. There were probably 100 or so people there. A very fun night with great, great performances. Here are some shots from the show. My camera is lame in low light, but I kinda like the effect. It captures the feeling of a live show, I think.

Left to right – Ric Hordinski, Steve Manuel (in his superhero shirt!) and Josh Seurkamp

Neil took this one of candles on the edge of the stage – ooooo, so moody!

Put off the errands long enough… back to the real world…

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