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SOP 002 – Will You BSG My Valentine?

February 1, 2007

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Show Notes

It’s Valentine’s Day; feeling all lovey-dovey, are you? We’ll see what we can do about that with our all-Ohio music show! This episode we wrack our brains to try to come up with some Valentine’s Day memories. Good ones, that is. We debut our first jingles, and during Depeche Mode News we lay out our Grammy picks, and discuss the merits of Imogen Heap and Trent Reznor . We respond to our listeners’ comments, and finally, it’s the premiere of the segment “ What’s the Best Show on Television?

Miscellaneous Battlestar Galactica Goodies:
BSG Plot Summaries

Music Guide
“Pinhole Burns”
Album: Sterile
Artist: Neil Smith

“You Are”
Album: To Kill a King
Artist: Hungry Lucy

Music: Mari Smith
Artist: Mari Smith

“Just As Well”
Unreleased Live Recording
Album: Comic Book Hero (Includes the studio version of “Just As Well”)
Artist: Steven Manuel

“My Love for You”
Album: Wonder
Artist: Katie Reider

Other people’s podcasts that we enjoy:
Tea with Hungry Lucy
Our podcasting heroes!

NPR Pop Culture Podcast

The obligatory Depeche Mode link:

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