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Yarn Along – 2/10/16

February 10, 2016


Another finish! These were my Christmas Eve Cast On. What a fun tradition. I will be buying a special yarn and starting sock again next Christmas Eve.


These are my own toe-up sock pattern with an afterthought heel. I knit with 56 stitches on size 0 needles. This time I tried putting in two purl stitches on the side of each leg (on either side of two knit stitches). This gave a nicer fit to a stockinette sock.


Yarn is Knit Picks Felici in the Baker Street colorway. I even worked on them while watching the New Year episode of Sherlock. The height of nerdiness!

This yarn is so soft. I hope that it wears well. We shall see!


I love that these go nearly to the knee. I tried doing a long bit of ribbing at the top. I think I like the fit with that as well.

As for reading, I am branching out this week to read a graphic novel: Y The Last Man. I have started with Book One which was available at our library. I had it on request for about six months, so I guess it is a pretty popular series! It is a post-apocalyptic story (are we sick of those yet?) from back in 2003, so this book was on the starting end of the trend. It’s the story of Yorick, the only man who has survived a planet-wide plague. The earth is left with only women. And Yorick.

I am enjoying it – mostly because it is a good story that has humor and a lot of pop culture references. I think I am willing to give Book Two a try, if I can ever get a copy of it from the library. FYI – Not kid-friendly or YA. This is an adult title.

Joining Ginny and friends in the Yarn Along.

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Yarn Along 1/27/16

January 27, 2016


I finished up a pair of socks I was working on in September. This is an improvised pattern. I had an idea of a strip of reverse stockinette running down the front and back of the legs.

The yarn is Knit Picks Hawthorne Fingering in color Laurelhurst. It is an early fall, green and golden colorway. The textured worked nicely to break up any pooling. Cause I am not a fan of the pooling!


These socks are toe up with an afterthought heel, which is totally my favorite construction.

I am thinking of putting this out as a pattern. Anyone interested? I think it would be a freebie, just in one size. Let me know what you think!

Right now I am just starting to read the second in the Inspector Gamache mystery series, A Fatal Grace, by Louise Penny. At least in the first chapter it seems it is going to be a cozy, wintery story, perfect for January.

Joining Ginny and friends in the Yarn Along.

Yarn Along – 1/20/16

January 20, 2016


This week I whipped through a new book, Still Life, by Louise Penny. It is book one of the Inspector Gamache mysteries. I liked it! There were a bunch of characters to get to know, but since the series continues in the same little Canadian town, I think the second book should be an even easier read. Good characters in this one and an interesting mystery that centers around a group of artists. Most enjoyable!

I have started a new project, a bag that I have knit before, the Lucy Bag. It’s a felted bucket-style bag that can be made in a variety of sizes. I am making the largest size and hope it will be a nice alternative winter handbag.

This one is in utilitarian gray. I am considering felting a few pieces to sew in later for interior pockets so my phone won’t get lost in the bottom. Thinking on that one.

Joining Ginny and friends in the Yarn Along.

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Yarn Along – 1/6/16

January 6, 2016

I don’t know what my deal is, but not only did I do the Advent Scarf Knitalong in December, but on Christmas Eve I joined with Little Bobbins Knits for the Christmas Eve Cast On for a pair of sock. Crazy! And I thought I wasn’t much of a “joiner!”

I’m sure it was only a momentary lapse. I’ll be back to my solitary knitting soon.


(Pardon the kitty butt above.)

I cast on a pair of socks in Knitpicks Felici sock yarn in the colorway, Baker Street. Oh so British. The colors are great! 

I am using my own sock recipe for a toe-up sock with an afterthought heel. I aligned the skeins before starting so the stripes would match perfectly. Sweet!

I tried putting a few purl stitches on the sides this time to see if I could get a nice, snug fit.

Something else I tried was to cast on both socks at the same time. I stole this idea from Dani of Little Bobbins. I am using two circular needles (size 0) per sock. One pair are Addi Turbos and the others are Karbonz. Both are great. The Karbonz are maybe a tad pointier, but the Addi’s are still pretty great.

It is an incentive to work on one sock for awhile and then catch the other one up. I may stick with this technique. It does help them to match better too, because I don’t have to remember from one sock to the next what I did.

Don’t ask me about the reading. The Fangirl audiobook I was listening to expired before I could finish, but I just got it back. Meanwhile I am listening to a mediocre historical fiction story that turned out to be about vampires. Seriously. I wasn’t looking for vampires. I can’t really recommend it so I won’t both you with the details. It helps pass the time while I am cutting fabric.

Hope you are having a lovely start to the new year. I am trying to transition gracefully. It’s 90% intention, right? (I hope so!)

Joining Ginny and friends in the Yarn Along.

Yarn Along – 12/23/15

December 23, 2015

Well I made it through.




Advent Scarf 2015 knit along is done! Pattern by Lila Agnew. Yarn is Quince and Co. Sparrow in 218 Venice.

I quickly gave it a soak and started blocking it so I can wear it over the Christmas holiday. In my haste I blocked it face down, but it still looks pretty good!

This was a good challenge. It was a struggle through at least the first half. Then either the patterns got easier or my lace mojo kicked in. I stopped making errors and having to reknit rows after row. The last few days really flew!

I especially liked working so many different lace patterns. I want to play around with a lace design in the new year and this gives me a good starting point.

Book wise, I did start the audiobook, Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. I REALLY was enjoying it. Unfortunately I could not finish before my digital checkout at the library expired, so I am on the list for it again so I can finish.

If you enjoy quirky characters with fandom obsessions and anxiety issues, you might like it, too. I have a teen nearly ready for college, so the setting in the first year of college fit well for me, too.

A fun aspect is that there is a story within the story: a magic-themed book series that the main character loves and writes fan fiction for. You get to hear excerpts from the story – within the story. Cool.

Hope you are having a nice holiday and get a little bit of a break from the rat race. We are planning some time off and some serious relaxation.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


Joining Ginny and friends for the Yarn Along.

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Carrie’s Wrap

December 18, 2015

I finally finished something I can share! I have been making gifts all summer and fall and don’t want to post them until after Christmas. But this I can post!


Pattern is Carrie’s Wrap, by Sally Melville from the book, Knitting Pattern Essentials: Adapting and Drafting Knitting Patterns for Great Knitwear. Yarn is Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine in Color 14, Popsicle. It’s a 40% alpaca, 40% wool, 20% silk blend. Dreamy!


The yarn makes this sweater. It needs to be in a fluffy, squishy yarn. The pattern calls for a bulky, but I couldn’t find anything I liked that was affordable, so I went with a worsted that I scored at a fabulous sale.


I love the slant to the hem of this design. Very cool!


Since I used a lighter weight yarn, I went up two size to compensate. I found that I was getting the measurements of the small by knitting the large size.

I did modify the sleeve a bit. the cuff was way too tight, even at the largest size written. Instead I cast on 30 stitches and increased up to 52 to get something to fit me. This is still quite fitted on my arms. Unless your arms are super skinny, I would check the measurements on the schematic before knitting.

Other than that, I knit it exactly as written. It was fun doing the shawl collar. That was a new one for me.


There is no closure, so a shawl pin is needed. I think the stick pin works perfectly. It was a gift from my master knitting friend, Padgy.

I enjoyed this knit a lot. It was so fast compared to socks! I may need to find something else to knit in this yarn. I thought I wanted to do a lace weight sweater next, but maybe not… We shall see…

Yarn Along – 12/16/15

December 16, 2015

Sweater: Done! Hopefully will be posting about it later this week!


Advent Knit Along: Going well. Halfway done now. Finding enough time for an entire repeat is challenging. But I am working along. I blocked the bottom to see how it looks. Not bad! My lace is far from perfect, but fine for a scarf. It will be a huge accomplishment to get to wear it.

Pattern is Advent Scarf 2015 by Lila Agnew. Yarn is Quince and Co. Sparrow in 218 Venice.

Today is my birthday so I am celebrating with as much knitting as possible and as little work as possible.

I am also starting a new audio book today, Fangirl, by Rainbow Rowell. I will let you know what I think! I have heard good things.


I have also been celebrating this month with birthday spinning lessons at Fiber Optic, an amazing yarn shop in nearby Milford, Ohio. I’ve been wanting to take spinning lessons and to investigate what wheel suits me, but there has been nowhere local to do that. The class is great and I have found my wheel! It will take some serious saving to be able to buy it, but the Lendrum will be mine!

Joining Ginny and friends. Hope everyone gets to knit as much as their heart desires during the holidays!

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